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Buy 2, get 1 free!


exquisite natural cosmetics from Märkische Schweiz. Inspired by the naturalness and energy of the region, our products pamper the skin with moisture, suppleness and radiance – without synthetic, chemical or animal ingredients.

What our customers say

I didn’t know hand sanitisers could smell so fantastic, it really smells amazing!

Benjamin G.

Just after the first application, friends asked me about my radiant complexion. I use it daily and the serum will last an amazing 5 weeks. Cannot beat this price / performance!

Nicola N.

Very easy to use and my skin, otherwise very dry, no longer looks dry and also feels very soft. Great, now I don't need any greasy creams either.

Fabian T.

Myhy is like a fountain of youth for my skin! Great packaging and beautiful glass vials. I'm looking forward to more from Myhy.

Tatjana S.

The combination of the pure serum and rose water improved my complexion in less than 4 weeks. My skin now glows and looks really fresh. I love it!

Karin K.

I am thrilled, because I actually only go out of the house with make-up on, because I have some acne. Since I've been using MYHY, I don't need make-up. Awesome!!

Buy 2, get 1 free!